Key Projects

Temasek Tower

Currently known as AXA Tower, it is the 16th-tallest skyscraper in Singapore, with a height of 235 metres and is currently the tallest cylindrical building in the world. Built in 1986 as Treasury Building, it has 52 stories and is one of the most prominent buildings in the business district. The structure consists of steel beams cantilevered from a cylindrical concrete core. This allows a full 360° view at its perimeter, unobstructed by perimeter columns.

Yorkool was awarded the contract to upgrade the entire ACMV System including replacement of chillers, water pumps, cooling towers, electrical switchboards and associated works for the Temasek Tower.

At the time of upgrading, some of the major tenants in the building include government agencies, global MNCs, financial institutions, regional headquarters such as LTA, CapitaLand Residential, CapitaLand ILEC, Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft, Bain & Company, Inc, Advertisement Agency BBDO. There were also data centres continuously running round the clock within Temasek Tower.

Our Project Manager worked directly with the owner to understand the scope of the work as well as analyse the major risks and concerns before piecing together a detailed project plan with installation timelines, equipment delivery, equipment hoisting, installation and replacement works, and commission of the new system. The entire project had to be executed with an almost zero down-time to Temasek Tower. To minimize down-time, most of the upgrading works were rescheduled to be carried out at night or over the weekends.

Working in an existing building, we took great care to protect the existing premises by overlaying the upgrading site with plastic covers and wooden planks.

Flooring Protection

As the Engine Room is located on the sixth floor, we had to dismantle a front window facade to allow the water pumps and big equipments to be hoisted directly onto the sixth level using a crane. The entire operation had to be undertaken at night as the building is located at one of the busiest areas of the Central Business District.

We hoisted the mega-huge cooler tower up 52 storeys through the cargo lift shaft over the weekend while the lift was deactivated for hoisting works. From the 52nd storey, the tower was carried by hand onto the rooftop.

Façade Dismantled for Chiller Hoisting

Road Closure and Crane Preparation for Hoisting of Chiller

During the installation phase, the old ACMV system had to be partially shut down in phases over several weekends in order to facilitate pipe freezing and tearing out of the old equipments. During the upgrading, temporary portable air-condition systems had to be placed in the data centres to provide the necessary cooling for the data centres that were running continously.

Temporary Air-conditioning for the Server Room

The entire operation was completed within the requested timeframe of 5 months, with majority of the work undertaken over 4 weekends when the engine room could be shut down. The customer was very pleased with our execution capabilities to replace the entire ACMV System with minimum disruption to their existing tenants.

Harbourfront Centre

HarbourFront Centre (formerly known as Word Trade Centre) was built close to the southernmost point on the main island of Singapore. Its location in the sheltered waters of Keppel Harbour supported the area to thrive as a commercial area. With the closure of the shipyard, and massive redevelopment of the area into a cruising hub, the name was changed to HarbourFront in the year 2000. Today, HarbourFront Centre comprises of offices, retail spaces, F&B facilities and an international cruise centre. A retail podium occupies the first three levels of the building. It houses a comprehensive array of fashion shops, pharmacies, banks, restaurants, a food court, supermarkets, a clinic and a post office, providing convenience for office tenants at the HarbourFront Offices.

Yorkool was awarded the contract to upgrade the entire ACMV System of Harbourfront Centre including replacement of chillers, water pumps, cooling towers, electrical switchboards, building management system and associated works. The work was driven by the need of HarbourFront Centre to upgrade its old plant room as well as increase the efficiency of their ACMV System.

At the time of the upgrading in 2008, Harbourfront Centre was a 31 year old building with its ACMV System running at a low efficiency level of 1.1kW/tonnage. The high costs of the energy bill was too expensive to continue operating the Centre .

The key challenge of the upgrade was converting the Chiller System from a Series into a Parallel System. Concurrently, 2 of the chillers located at Level 13 had to be relocated to the Central Plant Room at Level 1. The retrofitting work required temporary piping re-routing, chiller by chiller replacement, and step-by-step migration from a Series to a Parallel Chiller System while the building air-conditioning system was still operating. Our project engineering team had to study the design, understand site constraints, piping route, migration plan, timing of retrofitting, etc. and had to design a detailed project plan on installation timelines, equipment delivery schedule, road closure permits, equipment hoisting, staggering job shifts with our sub-contractors. The retrofitting work was done with minimal impact and downtime to HarbourFront Centre. The complex upgrading work of the Chiller Plant Room was completed within 9 months.

The Retrofitting work achieved the desired outcome of :-
– Energy Saving of 30%
– Minimum disruption to existing tenants
– Potential increase in GFA by freeing up plant room at Level 13